We live in dark times. But we have hope.

Our inspiration lies in tenacious activists who demand that those in power alleviate poverty, protect the environment, and defend all our rights.

These activists, many supported by the Fund for Global Human Rights, have made incredible progress despite brutal crackdowns. They are the change we want to see, and be, in the world.

They are #HopeInAction.

Through the end of the year, we'll spotlight Fund grantees who prove we can stand up against injustice—and win.

But their triumphs are only possible with the support of the Fund – and people like you.

In this season of giving, honor the dedication of frontline activists by fueling more human rights victories.

Join the fight for a just world and #GiveLikeAnActivist.

Give to them, in the way they give so fully of themselves.

Click the images and meet the activists risking it all to fight back.